The Little Church in the Vale is a caring fellowship of people who know and love Jesus Christ. We want to know God’s Word and live it out in our daily lives. We worship together, singing hymns and songs, both old and new. We serve together and pray for each other, in everything wanting to bring honor to God.

We dedicate 25% of all undesignated offerings to support and send out missionaries to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. The gospel forms the core of our identity as Christians.

The gospel is the good news that God has saved us from the slavery of sin in this life and the destiny of punishment in the next, and has made a way for all people to return to a right relationship with him. He has done this through the life and work of his Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus said that no one can come into a relationship with God apart from Him. To know Jesus is the key to eternal life. We have each found that relationship by faith in Christ, confessing our sin and receiving His forgiveness and loving grace. Our lives have been transformed by God in the most wonderful way, and we want you to experience that life-transforming relationship too. If you are searching for God, this is the place for you!